Our world longs for peace…

Amidst difference, scarcity, and injustice, fear divides. Anger boils. Conflict erupts.

All too often, violence follows, resulting in physical, spiritual, and emotional damage. Lives are lost.

Is there another way?

Do peacebuilding, forgiveness, and reconciliation even work in the real world?

Unexpected Peace, a documentary, invites you to join Dr. Bornman as he journeys across cultures to find alternatives to violence that work in the real world.

While the camera captures the spirit, context, and energy of the places and people Dr. Bornman encounters on his quest for peace and nonviolence, he aims to seek out the common traits and practices that link these communities and individuals despite geographic, religious, and cultural differences.

Viewers can explore and learn along with Dr. Bornman as he asks how we might pursue meaningful peacebuilding and reconciliation to transform our world and usher in the peace we rarely dare to imagine.

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